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Regular Course
Regular Course
Time durationSpring semester, Feb. C June, 20 periods each week, 16 weeks in all
        Autumn semester, Sep. C Jan., 20 periods each week, 16 weeks in all
LevelsThe courses are divided into preliminary, intermediate and advanced levels, each with two sublevels. After placement test, learners will be classified into corresponding classes. 
Curriculum and class hour

Preliminary Intermediate Advanced

Language training course

 Comprehensive course 8!10Compulsory 6!8compulsory 6compulsory

Basic skills

Chinese character 2Compulsory or Selective
Spoken language 10Compulsory 6!8Compulsory
Listening comprehension
Reading comprehension 2Compulsory or Selective 2Compulsory or Selective

Special skills

Business Chinese 2Compulsory or Selective
Hot News Discussion
Chinese Chanting
Newspaper Reading


Introduction of China 2Compulsory or Selective
Chinese history
Chinese literature


Calligraphy Selective Selective
martial arts


Week periods 20 20 20

Application and fees
Please visit http://admission.ujs.edu.cn/member/login.do and register on line.

Duration FeeRMB
one year 15000
one semester 7800
three months 6800
two months 4800
one month 2500
two weeks 1500
one week 800
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