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Learn China through Pearl S. Buck


Zhenjiang, an old and peaceful city situated in East China, south of the Yangtze River, is known as the Chinese home town of Pearl S. Buck. Pearl S. Buck is one of the most distinguished American woman writers, a Nobel Laureate in Literature and an American Pulitzer winner for her great writings about China. Here she spent her most cherished first 18 years that she is aptly called ^a daughter of Zhenjiang ̄.

The cultural exchange program--Learn China through Pearl S. Buck-- is launched by Jiangsu University located right in Zhenjiang. A two-week Pearl S. Buck-themed program for university students all over the world, this project is organized around Pearl¨s life in Zhenjiang, her writings about China and her far-reaching influence on Sino-US cultural exchanges and communication. It is intended to acquaint overseas students with the Chinese aspect of Pearl S. Buck and the fascinating Chinese culture by immersing them in a variety of Pearl-related Chinese cultural activities, serving to promote their understanding of the Chinese history and culture, offering them a chance to learn China better and broaden their vision of the great oriental nation.


1. A panoramic interactive cultural experience
English lectures and video shows will be offered about Pearl S. Buck, in which students will be exposed to typical Chinese cultural activities, including Kung Fu, traditional folk cultures, craftsmanship, cuisine, calligraphy, painting and musical instruments and so on. Great masters in all these fields will be invited to demonstrate their crafts and teach students in a whole variety of enchanting ways.

2. Visits and tours throughout the program
A host of Pearl-related visits and tourist activities will be arranged into a well-planned and rewarding schedule. All the tourist destinations are carefully chosen to feature the marvelous Chinese landscapes, including Pearl S. Buck¨s Former Residence, Jinshan Temple, Xijin Ferry, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province where Pearl used to hold a teaching post, and Mount Lushan in Jiangxi province where Pearl did her creative writing, to name just a few.

3. Top priority for students¨ security 
Well-furnished on-campus housing will be offered, all the activities will be organized in a centralized manner and all the tours and visits will be superintended by teachers.

From April to November, in groups

All international students interested in Pearl S. Buck and the Chinese culture

10-30 persons each group

3500CNY per person


Date Time Contents
Day 1 Morning Opening Ceremony
Afternoon Orientation on campus
Evening Welcome Banquet
Day 2 Morning Lecture IAn overview of Pearl S. Buck
Afternoon ActivitiesVisit Pearl¨s Former Residence, Zhenjiang Museum and Xijin Ferry, one of the most famous ancient ferries in China 
Evening Dinner: Enjoy Zhenjiang Pot Cover Noodles, one of the top ten most popular Chinese noodles
Day 3 Morning Lecture IIAppreciate Pearl¨s autobiography and learn more about her early life in China
Afternoon Activities: Visit Zhenjiang Vinegar Museum and learn about the local vinegar culture
Evening Dinner: Enjoy the specialties of Yanchun Restaurant, one of Zhenjiang¨s time-honored restaurants 
Day 4 Morning Lecture III: Appreciate Pearl¨s Nobel-winning novel: The Good Earth and experience the cultural elements embedded in this novel
Afternoon Activities: Agritainment----enjoy some on-farm activities such as pick-your-own and get to know the great differences between Old China depicted in The Good Earth and New China
Evening Dinner: Enjoy a Chinese on-farm meal
Day 5 Morning Lecture IV:  Appreciate the audio-visual materials about The Good Earth
Afternoon Activities: Visit Mount Maoshan and get acquainted with China¨s Taoist culture pervading The Good Earth
Evening Dinner at Mount Maoshan and enjoy the specialties there
Day 6 The whole day Activities: Revisit Pearl¨s old haunt--- Nanjing, an ancient capital of China and a famous historical and cultural spot, where Pearl used to hold a teaching post
Day 7 Morning Lecture V: Appreciate Pearl¨s translation work All Men are Brothers
Afternoon Activities: Learn Kung Fu
Evening Dinner: Enjoy Chinese hotpot
Day 8 Morning Lecture VI: Experience the Chinese cultural elements embedded in All Men are Brothers
Afternoon Activities: Visit Jinshan Temple, one of the most famous Buddhist sacred spots, and the Love Culture Park of Lady White, one of the four most famous myths in China
Evening Activity: Enjoy the grand water and light show themed The Tale of Lady White  
Day 9 Morning Lecture VII: Get to know Pearl¨s influence on Sino-US cultural exchanges
Afternoon Activities: Party with Chinese college students; learn Chinese musical instruments, calligraphy, painting and paper cutting and so on.
Evening Make dumplings with Chinese college students
Day 10 Morning Sightseeing in Jiaoshan Hill, a floating hill in the Yangtze River
Afternoon Sightseeing in Nanshan Hill, a scenic spot famous for its longevity culture and also known as The Lung of Zhenjiang
Evening Dinner at Nanshan Hill
Day 11-12 Two days Sightseeing: A two-day tour to Lushan Mountain Scenic Area, one of the most famous mountain landscapes in China where Pearl did her creative writing
Day 13 Morning PresentationThe students will present their understanding of Pearl S. Buck and the Chinese culture
Evening Activity: Visit Zhenjiang Night Market
Day 14 Morning Closing ceremony
Afternoon Do some shopping and get ready for departure
Evening Farewell banquet

PS: The schedule is subject to change.
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