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HSK Test
Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
Brief introduction:
Jiangsu University is one of the test centers of HSK. HSK test was launched by Hanban, which aims to measure the ability of non-native Chinese speakers to communicate in Chinese in living, academic, and working settings. HSK is divided into written test and speaking test. Written test is divided into 6 levels, HSK Level I, HSK Level II, HSK Level III, HSK Level IV, HSK Level V, HSK Level VI while speaking test is divided into 3 levels, HSKK Beginner, HSKK Intermediate, and HSKK Advanced. There are both internet-based test and paper and pen test, which share the same content.  
Internet-base test has its own unique features. As there is no need to print and post the test paper, the deadline for registration for test is 10 days before the test. The process of test, getting test paper, answering and handing in paper, is conducted on line to make it a fair test. When doing listening comprehension, each has its earphone, which avoid interference. There are several chances to take the test each year.

Test time:
In March, May, October, December, each year. For detailed information, please visit: http://oec.ujs.edu.cn

Please visit http://www.chinesetest.cn/getkdinfo.do?id=4048064 and register on line. 

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