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To effectively facilitate the construction of a high-level, distinctive and international research-oriented university, satisfy the needs of our teachers, doctoral students and master students for publishing papers in international academic journals or participating in overseas academic exchanges, the center is to host the first English academic writing and publishing workshop for free in 2016. The relevant requirements are notified as follows:
1.      Trainees and Requirements: Teachers, doctoral students and master students intending to publish English academic papers internationally or attend international academic exchanges are preferred.
2.      Training Modes: keynote speeches and workshop; papers are limited to 10 only; for each paper, 1000 RMB Yuan to be paid for proofreading and polishing.
3.      Lecturer: Dr. Wallace (Editor of Wallace Academic Writing, senior paper-polishing expert.)
4.      Schedule: From March 12th to 13th, 2016, (The afternoon of March 13th is for polishing submitted papers).
5.      Enrollment:
Time: From February 22nd to March 5th, 2016. Those who need to have their papers proofread and polished should email their manuscripts to lccenter@ujs.edu.cn before February 26th for proofreading and polishing and experts¨ preparation of on-site guidance.
Location: Room 201, Conference Center.
Contact: Mr. Zhang, 13775549675; Ms Liu, 13913439775.
Language and Culture Center
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