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Language Society Recruitment
To push forward the internationalization of JSU and speed up the development of language and culture cause, to play a more important role in the construction of a research-oriented and first-class university, Language Society of LCC is thus founded and will recruit members from both Chinese and international students on campus.
It Aims to set up:
1.      IELTS and TOEFL group, to learn from each other and make progress together;
2.      Academic paper writing group, to improve academic paper quality and lay foundation for international academic exchange and overseas study;
3.      Language learner mutual-aid group, to mutually tutor and help each other in foreign language learning; and
4.      Organize and sponsor various kinds of language and culture activities;
5.      Help LCC with lectures, workshop, seminar, training registration, etc.
Who and How to Register
1.        All Chinese and international students on campus;
2.        Download the registration form on http://lcc.ujs.edu.cn, fill it out and send a printed copy to the Foreign Language Training Department of LCC at Room 104, Jiang Tang Qun (complex of lecture halls); or email to lccenter@ujs.edu.cn.
Contact: Mr. Zhang          Telephone: 0511-88790178
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