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Jiangsu University (JSU) is a national comprehensive key university, situated in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. Founded in 1902 as a part of Sanjiang Normal University.  it was retitled as Jiangsu University by integrating Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Normal College with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China in August, 2001. The current total enrollment of full-time students is over 33,000, including 10,000 postgraduates, 842 international students from 74 countries. The university¨s undergraduate teaching was graded excellent by the Ministry of Education in 2004. According to the Evaluations of China¨s Universities in 2015 by China Academy of Management Science, JSU is ranked 55. In the 2016 Global University Rankings released by CWTS of Leiden University, JSU was placed at 47th in Mainland Chinese Universities and 6th in Jiangsu Province.

The School of Liberal Arts (SLA) has a long history and profound cultural heritage. It can be traced back to the very origin of Sanjiang Normal University, offering the Chinese linguistics and Chinese literature Program as the foundation of Chinese ancient civilization. Since the founding of new China, the program was introduced into the Chinese Language Teaching and Research Department of School of Humanities in Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, and then incorporated with the Chinese Department of Zhenjiang Normal College.

Up till now, the SLA has 35 full-time instructors, among whom 4 professors, 11 associate professors, 11 PhDs and 7 with experiences of overseas study or teaching. There are 650 students studying in the school, six being international students. The school offers two bachelor programs and one master program, which are Chinese Language and Literature (BA of CLL) and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BA of TCSOL) as well as MA of TCSOL. There are several research institutes, including Three Kingdom Culture Institute, Six Dynasties Culture Institute, Research Center of Corpus Linguistics, Institute of Non-material Heritage and etc.. The Base for Inheriting and Promoting Chinese Traditional Cultureis under construction.

In order to build an international SLA, we are inviting more foreign experts, recruiting more overseas students, cooperating with more international partners for joint programs, staff and student exchange as well as collaborative research.

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