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Prof. Ren Xiaofei held Group Seminar on Ancient Chinese Primers: Translation & Dissemination at Western Sydney University
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On February 20, 2019, Prof. Ren Xiaofei and her research team held a group seminar on "Ancient Chinese Primers: Translation & Dissemination" at Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture (ACIAC), Western Sydney University during their three-month visit. It is recent achievements of the key research project “Global dissemination and influence of Chinese Primer Classics”, sponsored by the Chinese National Social Sciences Foundation. Professor Wang Labao, the director of ACIAC, chaired seminar.

In this seminar, Professor Ren and her team member Professor Feng Ruizhen, Dr Liu Feng and Mr Zhang Jie reported their research work ”Translation and Global Dissemination of Chinese Primer Classics”, “Qian Zi Wen (《千字文》and Its Translation”, “on Translation of Family Instructions of Zhu《朱子家训》” and “The Past Toddles Into The Present——the Translation of  Ming Xian Ji 《名贤集》respectively.

Professor Jocelyn Chey (the former Cultural ambassador of Australian Embassy in Beijing), Professor Anthony Welch (professor of education from Sydney University), Associate Professor Shirley Chan (Head, Chinese Studies, Macquarie University), Dr. Michael Williams (Research adviser of Chinese-Australian Historical Society), Dr. Dongwang Fan (a famous Chinese artist) and all the faculties of ACIAC attended the seminar, embarking a lively discussion after the reports, with better understanding of Chinese Primer Classics among the scholars.

Chinese primer classics bear the right tradition and moral value of Chinese culture, being widely adopted in traditional Chinese education for young children. The seminar has aroused more interests among both domestic and foreign scholars to know more about Chinese traditional early education as well we the wide spread and influence of Chinese civilization upon the rest world. It is a good attempt to meaningfully promote the cultural exchange between China and other nations.

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