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Another Thank-you Note from Overseas Participating Camps to LCC
Date:2020-09-21   View:


     Recently, the Language and Culture Center (LCC) of Jiangsu University received a thank-you note from the North American Youth Federation. it is the second thank-you note from the national Chinese Youth Association received by the Language and Culture Center .

From June 14th to June 28th, the Language and Culture Center, the Federation of Jiangsu Returned Overseas Chines and the Federation of Zhenjiang Returned Overseas Chinese jointly hosted the online summer camp named "A Kinship to China - Tell Stories for You" in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. 582 Chinese teenagers aged from 6 to 18 from the United States, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Spain took a fifteen-day online learning tour about traditional Chinese culture.

Many overseas Chinese teenagers and their parents learned about Zhenjiang, a famous historical and cultural city in East China. Meanwhile, they get familiarized with Jiangsu University. Especially, they are deeply impressed by Zhenjiang's unique vinegar culture and the historical culture of the Three Kingdoms. As mentioned in the thank-you note, the video introduction, which was prepared by the Federation of Zhenjiang Returned Overseas Chinese and Jiangsu University, boradened their horizons. Some students hope that they can visit Zhenjiang some day. Students and their parents became enchanted by Zhenjiang through this summer camp. Just as the slogan says, people envy Zhenjiang for its beauty as well as its vingear.

A good friendship has been established between LCC and overseas Chinese teaching institutions. A new culture communication platform has been established for LCC to  conduct Chinese teaching, further propagate traditional Chinese culture and popularize Zhenjiang's local culture.


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