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Notice of the Fifth “Chinese Bridge” Contest
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“Chinese Bridge”, the most important contest in Jiangsu University for overseas students, aims to provide a stage to display their Chinese language ability; create a platform for learning and communicating with each other in Chinese; encourage and cultivate their enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese language; deepening their understanding of Chinese language and culture. All overseas students can tell their stories in China and also in Jiangsu University fluently with standard pronunciation. In this contest, students from every corner of the world can gather together in Jiangsu University, demonstrate their grace and charm and present a fresh and new audio-visual feast.

2.Participants and Enrollment
All overseas students can attend this contest. The contest is divided into two levels: elementary; intermediate and advanced. Students can sign up for the elementary group if they have studies Chinese less than a year; Students can sign up for the intermediate and advanced group if they have studied Chinese for more than a year. Students may attend the group higher than their current level but the group lower. The deadline for enrollment is December 10th, 2016. Participants are required to hand in the name list of contestants and their talent programs to Mr. Ma. (Site: Jiang Tang Qun 106, Telephone: 88790993).

3.Time and place of contest
Preliminary contest             Final contest
Time: 1:30p.m., December 11th, 2016     Time: 1:30p.m., December 17th, 2016
Place: Hall of ChengJiao Building      Place: Hall of ChengJiao Building

4.The rule of the contest
In the preliminary contest, students must introduce themselves (time limit: 60s) and answer simple questions. 6 contestants from the elementary group and 9 contestants from the intermediate and advanced group will enter the final contest.
The final contest consists of three parts. The first part is talk show of 2 minutes. The topic for the elementary group is “this is me”; that for the intermediate and advanced group is “my Chinese story”. The second part is a knowledge quiz of 20 questions covering Chinese language and Chinese culture. Contestants must vie to answer the questions. The base score is 100 points and candidates will get 10 points if they answer correctly and otherwise lose 10 points. The third part is talent show on Chinese culture. Candidates must choose one from Chinese song, traditional musical instrument performance, poetry chanting, martial arts, calligraphy, Beijing opera, tea arts, paper-cut and other Chinese traditional quintessence; the time limit is 3 to 5 minutes. The final score is decided by the comprehensive performance of the three parts. There will be the first, second and third prizes for contestants in the final contest.

1. The first prize: preliminary group: 1 contestant;
Intermediate and advanced group: 1 contestant
Total: 2 contestants
2. The second prize: preliminary group: 2 contestants;
Intermediate and advanced group: 4 contestants
Total: 6 contestants
3. The second prize: preliminary group: 3 contestants;
Intermediate and advanced group: 4 contestants
Total: 7 contestants

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November 29th, 2016

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